9 – 14 January 2017


The Soul And Its Languages Festival for World Literature

What is the soul? Perhaps a parlour at the bottom of a lake, or a cool air of intimate dread? A reed, a tone played on a flute or a breath stretching into heaven? Here we quote the images and thoughts of the authors who will be coming to Poetica III in Cologne at the beginning of January to explore the “The Soul and its Languages”.

They were invited by Monika Rinck, the curator of Poetica III.

Participant poets:
Javier Bello (Chile)
Michael Donhauser (Austria) Nurduran Duman (Turkey)
Gila Lustiger (France/Germany) Angelika Meier (Germany)
Zeruya Shalev (Israel)
Eleni Sikelianos (USA)
Galsan Tschinag (Mongolia)
Stefan Weidner (Germany)
with the musicians Chris Fesch, Michael Schmidt and Franz Tröger as well as religious scholar Lorenz Wilkens.

Events at the Poetica III website

The literature festival is organised in cooperation with the International College Morphomata of the University of Cologne.