5 June 2019

Hermynia Zur Mühlen

The Rediscovery of a Great Storyteller and Militant Woman

Literaturhaus Stuttgart

Presentation of the collected works with Ulrich Weinzierl, Felicitas Hoppe and Anna Thalbach.

Aristocrat, communist, Catholic, indomitable Nazi opponent and exile: Hermynia Zur Mühlen was born in Vienna in 1883 as Countess Folliot de Crenneville and died in English exile in 1951. Appreciated by Joseph Roth and Karl Kraus, she was an exceptional figure in twentieth-century German-language literature.

The editor Ulrich Weinzierl and the writer Felicitas Hoppe present the new edition of her works, from which the actress Anna Thalbach will read selected passages.
Event organised in cooperation with Literaturhaus Stuttgart.