26 October 2017

Europe – But Different. Poetic Encounters

Opening of the Autumn Conference of the German Academy for Language and Literature

Centralstation Saal, Im Carree, Darmstadt
Admission free

What does the Academy actually do when it is not awarding prizes? Among other things, it engages in dialogue with writers from other languages and cultures.

Poets from six European countries are invited. There will be readings by Pia Tafdrup (Denmark), introduced by Per Øhrgaard; Tadeusz Dąbrowski (Poland), introduced by Michael Krüger; Tanja Stupar-Trifunović (Bosnia and Herzegovina), introduced by Maja Haderlap; Katarina Frostenson (Sweden), introduced by Aris Fioretos; Alfred Brendel (England), introduced by Nike Wagner; Aleš Šteger (Slovenia), introduced by Günter Blamberger.

An exciting literary evening with a wide range of poetic voices.

Information about the authors