7 – 10 December 2015

Debate on Europe – Minsk

Neighbourhood in Europe – Perspectives for a Common Future

Since 2012 the S. Fischer Stiftung, the German Academy for Language and Literature, and the Allianz Kulturstiftung have organised joint international discussion forums on contemporary and important European topics. Intellectuals from the German speaking countries and from Southern, Central and Eastern Europe take part in debates with representatives of civil society and politics of the host countries.
The current Debate on Europe in Minsk is organised in cooperation with Olga Shparaga and Alexey Bratochkin from the European College of Liberal Arts in Belarus and with the »Ў« Gallery of Modern Art in Minsk.
The objective of the debates in Narva, Minsk, Kharkov, St. Petersburg and Vyborg is to relate the respective country-specific focus with a pan-European context.