19 June 2019

Grand Tour

With the authors: Daniela Danz (D), Sonja Harter (A), Raphael Urweider (CH), Ervina Halili, Arben Idrizi and Blerina Rogova-Gaxha Presented by: Jan Wagner

Qendra Multimedia
Rr. Idrizi Gjilani 7/9-1
Lagja Dardania
10000 Pristina

Georg Büchner Prize winner Jan Wagner and Federico Italiano embark on a poetic journey from Albania to Cyprus.

‘Grand Tour. Journeys Through the Young Poetry of Europe’ is the name of a new anthology of contemporary European poetry.

It presents the multilingual hubbub of voices of the young generation of European poets. Daniela Danz, Sonja Harter, Raphael Urweider, Blerina Rogova-Gaxha, Ervina Halili, Arben Idrizi and Jan Wagner will read from the anthology as part of the German Language Days.

From Berlin to Pristina, via Vienna and Bern: a journey for which you do not need a passport. Event held in German and Albanian with interpretation