12 November 2019

An Evening For Else Lasker-Schüler (1869-1945)

Lyrik Kabinett
Amalienstraße 83a, Munich

Admission: € 8 / € 6 Members: Free admission Box office, free choice of seats

Book of Poems for Hugo May “The greatest and dearest gentleman in Zurich” – that is what Else Lasker-Schüler called Hugo May. During her exile in Switzerland, May and Kurt Ittmann, who both worked in the management of a department store, became important financial and legal supporters of the poet in her flight. In 1935/36 she produced a handwritten book of poems for May. It is the most comprehensive Lasker-Schüler manuscript collection, with 80 leaves and 36 poems. It is made up of early avant-garde poems, poetry from the time of the First World War, the Weimar Republic and Swiss exile and was lost for decades.

After its reappearance in 2013, together with 66 letters and various pictures of the poet, it was published as a facsimile edition in 2019 by the German Academy for Language and Literature in cooperation with Wallstein-Verlag.

The editor Andreas B. Kilcher (1963, Basel) studied German language and literature, history and philosophy in Basel and Munich and has been Full Professor of Literature and Cultural Studies at the ETH Zurich University since June 2008.

Andreas B. Kilcher (editor) and Julia Cortis (reciter). Ellen Presser (born 1954), director of the Cultural Centre of the Jewish Community and freelance journalist, will conduct the evening.

A cooperation with the German Academy for Language and Poetry and the Cultural Centre of the Jewish Community Munich