The Georg Büchner Prize was first established during the Weimar Republic by the State of Hesse. Its purpose was to recognise writers, artists, actors and singers. It was first awarded in 1923 in the state capital, Darmstadt.
Since 1951 the new Büchner Prize has been awarded annually by the German Academy for Language and Literature. According to the charter of the Academy, it is given to authors »writing in the German language whose work is considered especially meritorious and who have made a significant contribution to contemporary German culture.«
The prize is awarded at a ceremony held during the autumn conference of the German Academy in Darmstadt.
The prize currently comes with an award of €50,000.


Brigitte Kronauer

Brigitte Kronauer

Born 29/12/1940
Deceased 22/7/2019
Member since 1988

Georg-Büchner-Preis 2005
Laudatory Address by Patrick Bahners
Acceptance Speech by Brigitte Kronauer

... Meisterin des Vexierspiels, der höheren Heiterkeit und des musikalischen Schreibens...

Jury members
Juryvorsitz: Klaus Reichert
Friedrich Christian Delius, Heinrich Detering, Peter Hamm, Harald Hartung, Joachim Kalka, Peter von Matt, Uwe Pörksen, Ilma Rakusa, außerdem Peter Benz (Stadt Darmstadt), Konrad Schacht (Hessisches Ministerium für Wissenschaft und Kunst)