Exciting, innovative, lively and entertaining ... Descriptions have long since become superfluous for the evenings of the Poetry Quartet – there are hardly any people interested in literature in Munich who have not experienced them. The critical panel consisting of Kristina Maidt-Zinke, Hubert Spiegel and Florian Kessler will be joined by a guest to discuss three new poetry publications and subject an older volume of poetry to a ‘durability test’.

The Poetry Quartet was founded in 2011 by the German Academy for Language and Literature and the Lyrik Kabinett to bring the diversity of voices in poetry into public conversation. Previous guests include Nico Bleutge, Joachim Sartorius, Michael Krüger, Anja Utler, Albert von Schirnding, Nora Gomringer, Ijoma Mangold, Felicitas von Lovenberg, Hans Pleschinski and many others.