Germany Writes. The Great German Spell-Off

This is a special competition based on dictations. Pupils, parents and teachers can take part and face the challenge of curious neologisms, foreign words and other puzzles of the new German orthography. Who knows their “Arithmogriphen” and “Souffleusen” and how would you learn to carry a tray – “Tragenlernen”, “tragenlernen”, “tragen lernen”, or “tragen Lernen”?

The big dictation competition is back for the 2015 school year at various locations in Germany. In addition to senior classes from Frankfurt and Hesse, schools in Hamburg and Osnabrück will once again be taking part. Münster and the Rhein-Pfalz-Kreis are also organising their own dictation competitions in the new school year.

The spelling competition aims to introduce linguistic culture in a playful and instructive way and to awaken joy in the use of the German language. The competition is organised by the Polytechnic Foundation of Frankfurt am Main in cooperation with the German Academy for Language and Literature and other partners.