Debate on Europe 2018

Skopje Debate on Europe 2018

June 7-9, 2018

Since 2012 the S. Fischer Foundation, the German Academy for Language and Literature and the Allianz Cultural Foundation have been organizing international forums on important topics concerning current European affairs. Intellectuals from German-speaking countries and from Southern, Central and Eastern Europe have come together with representatives of civil society, culture and politics of the host country for an open, mutually-enriching dialog. So far, Debate on Europe has taken place in Budapest and Bucharest, in Belgrade and Athens, in Narva and St. Petersburg, in Minsk and Kharkiv, and most recently in Sarajevo.

In June 2018 Debate on Europe will take place in Skopje.
Macedonia has faced many challenges since its inception but the last year has brought about political changes which opened a horizon of hope.
The Debate on Europe in Skopje will, among others, explore the following topics:

Literary discussions will enrich the Debate on Europe which is held both in internal discussion groups and in a public forum with an actively participating audience.

The S. Fischer Foundation, the Allianz Cultural Foundation and the German Academy for Language and Literature are co-organizing this Debate together with “Kontrapunkt” from Macedonia and the TRADUKI network. For the latter, this also constitutes the highlight among the celebratory activities taking place in Southeast Europe to mark the tenth anniversary of TRADUKI.

The Debate on Europe will be held at the Museum of Contemporary Art and the National Gallery at Daut Pasha Hamam.