Poetica 5

Intoxication. States of Euphoria. Festival for World Literature from 21-26 January 2019 in Cologne. Curated by Swedish writer Aris Fioretos

What would poetry be without ecstasy, without rapture? From its beginnings, poetry has sought proximity to intoxication. Whereas in the past the magic came from a Muse’s kiss, today chemical kicks are used as dubious catalysts to attain a higher state of mind, inspiration and euphoria. But where does poetry go when it is “out of control”? Can we describe the language that describes the loss of control? And what is the relationship between rapture and profundity, between the exaltation of “artificial paradises” and the gravity of earthly emotions and objects?

“Intoxication” is the multifaceted theme of Poetica 5, the fifth Festival for World Literature, organised by the Morphomata International Center for Advanced Studies of the University of Cologne together with the German Academy for Language and Literature. It is curated by Swedish writer Aris Fioretos. He has invited authors from eight countries: Mircea Cărtărescu from Romania, Oswald Egger from Austria, Christian Kracht from Switzerland (and the USA), Mara Lee from Sweden, Agi Mishol from Israel, Lebo Mashile from South Africa, Marion