Europe in Poems - Light above land

LIGHT above land. Danish poetry from the Middle Ages to the present day

The ties between Denmark and Germany were already close in the past - but an anthology of the entire Danish poetry in German has been missing to this day. Peter Urban-Halle and Henning Vangsgaard make us comprehensive in their bilingual collection with a much too unknown world known and with one of the oldest and richest traditions in European literature: a great journey of discovery to the north.

The anthology will be presented with Danish poets and musicians (see right column).

As part of the German-Danish Cultural Friendship Year 2020 together with the Danske Akademi

Europe in Poems - Light above land
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8 September 2020

Flensburg City Library


Lone Hørslev

(* 1974) is a poet, novelist and songwriter. She made her debut in 2001 with the poetry collection „Tak“ and has since then published ten books and written songs for seven albums with different bands. She graduated from The Danish Writing School in 2001 and has a bachelor's degree in Danish literature. She has received several national literature awards. (Denmark)

Rasmus Nikolajsen

(* 1977) debuted in 2000 with »digte om lidt« (poems in brief). Since »Alting ender med et bryllup« (all ends up in a marriage) in 2008 he sticks to a self-determined rule: All of his works, often dealing with nature or non nature, always come in 64 poems with each eight verses with each eight syllables.

Peter Urban-Halle

(* 1951), literary critic for Deutschlandfunk Kultur, FAZ, NZZ and Berliner Zeitung, has done numerous translations mainly from Danish. He has received several awards, including the German Youth Literature Prize in 2000 and the Danish Translator Prize in 2013. He is co-editor of the first comprehensive anthology with Danish poems in German translation, which will be published by Hanser Verlag in 2020. (Germany)