The »Sigmund-Freud-Preis für wissenschaftliche Prosa« (Prize for Academic Prose) was first awarded by the German Academy for Language and Literature in 1964.
It is granted to scholars who publish in German and contribute decisively to the development of language usage in their fields of study through excellent linguistic style.
The »Freud-Preis« is sponsored by the HSE Foundation and is awarded annually at the autumn conference of the German Academy in Darmstadt.
The prize has been endowed with €20,000 since 2013.

Prize Winner 2017

Barbara Stollberg-Rilinger is awarded the »Sigmund-Freud-Preis für wissenschaftliche Prosa« 2017. The prize giving ceremony will take place in Darmstadt on October, 28.


Emil Staiger

Emil Staiger

Born 8/2/1908
Deceased 28/4/1987
Member since 1950

Sigmund-Freud-Preis 1966
Acceptance Speech by Emil Staiger

... für die ungewöhnliche Vereinigung strenger Forschung und meisterhafter Darstellung...

Jury members
Juryvorsitz: Präsident Gerhard Storz
Vizepräsidenten Rudolf Hagelstange, Karl Krolow, Dolf Sternberger, Beisitzer Friedrich Bischoff, Richard Gerlach, Wilhelm Lehmann, Fritz Martini, Otto Rombach, Horst Rüdiger, W. E. Süskind