The »Friedrich-Gundolf-Preis« has been awarded by the German Academy for Language and Literature since 1964.
As a »Prize for German Scholarship Abroad«, for 25 years it was exclusively awarded to linguists and literary scholars at foreign universities.
However, the prize has also been awarded to persons outside of academia who are committed to imparting German culture and cultural dialog since the prize was renamed the »Friedrich-Gundolf-Preis für die Vermittlung deutscher Kultur im Ausland« (Prize for the Imparting of German Culture Abroad) in 1990.
The Friedrich Gundolf Prize is awarded annually at the spring conference of the German Academy. It has been endowed with €15,000 since 2013.

Gundolf Prize 2019

The German Academy for Language and Literature has awarded its »Friedrich-Gundolf-Preis für die Vermittlung deutscher Kultur im Ausland« (prize for furthering the understanding of German culture abroad) to Paul Michael Lützeler.
The prize carries a cash award of 15000 €.

The Gundolf prize will be presented during the Academy’s spring conference in Biel/Bienne and Zurich (22.–25.5.2019)


Şara Sayin

Şara Sayin

Germanist and Turcologist
Born 6/6/1926

Friedrich-Gundolf-Preis 2010
Laudatory Address by Norbert Mecklenburg
Acceptance Speech by Şara Sayin

... der bedeutenden Germanistin und Vermittlerin deutscher Literatur in der Türkei...

Jury members
Kommission: Michael Krüger, Norbert Miller, Per Øhrgaard, Ilma Rakusa, Miguel Saenz, Joachim Sartorius, Jean-Marie Valentin

Mitglieder des Erweiterten Präsidiums