Spring Conference in Ljubljana | Slovenia

The Academy's Spring Meeting will be held in Ljubljana this year. Under the motto »From Word to Word, Verse to Verse«, several events will be held from June 2 to 4, 2023, with renowned Slovenian and German-language writers and scholars. In addition, the Voß Prize for Translation will be awarded to Andreas Tretner and the Gundolf Prize for the Imparting of German culture abroad to the Iranian Mashid Mirmoezi. The laudations will be held by Anselm Bühling and Iris Radisch.

The fact that the Academy is coming to Ljubljana with around fifty members is no coincidence. On the one hand, it follows the invitation of its member Aleš Šteger, and on the other hand, it would like to present the extensive bilingual anthology of Slovenian poetry of the 20th and 21st centuries first and foremost in Ljubljana. The anthology, entitled »Mein Nachbar auf der Wolke« was commissioned by the Academy and edited by Aleš Šteger, Amalja Maček and Matthias Göritz. It will be published by Hanser Verlag in July and will play a central role at the Frankfurt Book Fair in the fall, with Slovenia as the guest of honor.