The German Academy for Language and Literature has the legal form of a registered association (eingetragener Verein). The Academy is a public sector organization supported by private sponsors. Its organs are: 1. the General Assembly, which has the final say on the election of new members, elects the Executive Committee and commissions and plays an advisory role on all matters concerning the Academy; 2. The Executive Committee, which forms the board of the Academy according to Academy bylaws; 3. The Board of Trustees, which advises and supports the Academy. Comprised of Academy members, a series of committees, which include the commissions, have also been set up to deal with specific duties.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is made of the President and two or three Vice Presidents. It also includes up to six Assessors (expanded Executive Committee). The Executive Committee is elected by Academy members for terms of up to three years. It performs the executive role and represents the Academy. It is also the jury for the »Georg-Büchner Preis« (aided by a Federal Commissioner for Culture and Media, a representative of the Hessen Ministry of Science and the Arts, and a representative from Darmstadt city council), for the »Sigmund-Freud-Preis für wissenschaftliche Prosa« as well as the »Johann-Heinrich-Merck-Preis für literarische Kritik und Essay«.


Ernst Osterkamp

Vice Presidents

Ursula Bredel, Michael Hagner und Monika Rinck


Lukas Bärfuss, Elisabeth Edl, Maja Haderlap, Ilma Rakusa, Marisa Siguan und Stefan Weidner

Honorary President

Klaus Reichert