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About the series and periodicals

Our Series and Periodicals

Publications in our Series

This series of publications was begun in 1954. One of its major aims is to publish some of the German speaking writers who had no chance of gaining acceptance during the period of National Socialism and to make them known today to the contemporary reading public. Even long after the war, the National Socialist past hindered the reception of some authors, who we aim to make known. More generally, the series has as its aim the plan to publish German speaking writers, both women and men, who belong in any good library of twentieth-century German literature. This is done by means of first editions and also by the re-publication of their texts, whether or not they are considered "marketable" by the book trade.

Edition Wüstenrot Foundation

This series, jointly published by the German Academy for Language and Literature and the Wüstenrot Foundation, aims to publish important works of German literature which are currently neglected, and to make them available to the contemporary reading public by means of new editions. The series was started in 2008. A special feature is the so-called “fostering” of each volume by a contemporary author: these authors introduce and explain the importance of the work in question with an introductory essay, and present the volume to the general public on a reading tour.

Language and Literature

This series was begun in 1984. Within the general framework of the Academy’s publications, it aims to create a home for analyses and discussions of literature, especially poetry. A special feature of this series is that it includes treatments of international literature – not just German.


This booklet has been appearing annually since 2005. Each number is devoted to a special theme. These usually link up with the current work of the Academy. The editorship changes from issue to issue.


The Yearbook first appeared in 1954. It is published annually and documents the activities of the German Academy for Language and Literature. It includes such items as a list of events and conferences, selected addresses to the Academy, the obituaries of departed members, and a list of members with their contact details. Since 1962, it has also included the short addresses of about five minutes given by new members to introduce themselves to the Academy.


The German Academy of Language and Literature awards five annual prizes: The Johann Heinrich Voß Prize, the Friedrich Gundolf Prize, the Johann Heinrich Merck Prize, the Sigmund Freud Prize, and the Georg Büchner Prize. Since 2013, the speeches in honour of the laureates and their acceptance speeches are printed in this volume.